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All the Holidays You Actually Want to Celebrate with Adam & Eve | Auburn, MA

So, you missed the big V—Valentine’s Day. You may be in the doghouse now, but there’s hope for moving out and moving up in 2021! Hearts and flowers may be the norm on February 14th, but you can celebrate the rest of the year with good food and less clothes! Get your calendars out and your pen ready because we have all the holidays you really want to celebrate in 2021!

March 14th, 2021

This one’s for the guys! March 14th, one month after Valentine’s Day, is the V-Day every man really wanted—Steak and BJ Day! Yes, you read that correctly. Finally, boys, there’s a day just for you! So, fire up the grill, grab a beer, and live the fantasy—a day celebrating the glory of blow jobs!

April 14th, 2021

Not to be outdone, the ladies get their own delicious day one month after the beef fest on April 14th! Let’s hear it for Cake and Cunnilingus Day! Hit the bakery on the way home or toss your favorite apron to your partner for the night, but get ready to eat dessert first, lick the icing off the plate, and let your partner make a meal out of you! Share the cake or be the cake, but get your fill today, ladies. This day only comes once a year (but hopefully you don’t!)!

April 24th, 2021

Lipstick and lace is all you need today! Happy National Lingerie Day! Anyone wanting to feel sexy today should lace up a corset, slip on some thigh-high stockings with garters, or strut your stuff in a slinky chemise! It’s about what you’re wearing underneath your clothes that’s important today, so let that put some swing in your hips!

May is National Masturbation Month!

So, stock up on your favorite lubes and love you so long! Give yourself a hand, man (or order up a masturbator for a party of 1!)!Ladies, delete your Tinder app and cuddle up with a sure thing—your favorite vibrator! If this is not strictly a hand-solo month, get your partner in on the action. Mutual masturbation, perhaps? Or maybe you feel like being the star of each other’s shows? National Masturbation Month swings wide the doors of self-love and lets you choose your own adventure. So, scream your own name, embrace solo play, and love the one you’re with (even if you’re alone)!

June 6, 2021 May 7th, 2021

Ahhhhhh! It’s the day that lasted most of 2020 and most of us never wanted to end—it’s No Pants Day! Put on your sexiest skivvies and strut your stuff, pants-free! Want to make life easier for you and your partner when the glory of No Pants Day inspires desire? Slip on a pair of crotchless panties for the easiest access you can manage while still wearing undies!

June is a month made for lovers!

It’s PRIDE Month but there are also 3 very special holidates you don’t want to miss!

Catch a rainbow, drape yourself in it, and show your PRIDE! Hit your local PRIDE parade to show your love, then come home to some lovin’ of your own! Surprise your partner with a new toy or grab a game to get some new ideas, build the anticipation, and break down any awkwardness while you explore new boundaries (or bondage!)! Try something new, show your partner how much you appreciate them, and celebrate PRIDE with a BANG!

June 6, 2021

(6/9—get it?)—Hallelujah! It’s National Sex Day! We think this may be the ultimate holidate, so put it on your calendar now and find the perfect partner to celebrate with you! What great party doesn’t have gifts? Not this one! Pick out a couple’s vibrator or one of our sex toy kits and surprise your partner with a bow and your sexiest smile. Want to be the gift? Come in a take a look through our lingerie and costumes and show your partner a side of you they’ve never seen before! National Sex Day is all about enjoying sex in all of its glory (and positions!).

June 12, 2021

Show your partner how much you care on National Lover’s Day! Spoil them, pamper them, and let them know that today and every day you treasure their love. Need some ideas to show your lover how much you care? How about a nice long massage? Find out which part of your lover’s body most needs your touch by touching every part! Discover secret spots to make that your partner shiver and lavish attention everywhere! Take it slow, build the heat, and wander your partner’s body with no destination in mind. This night is all about the journey.

June 22, 2021

Pucker up, folks! It’s National Kissing Day! Kissing builds intimacy, relieves stress and anxiety, and releases happy hormones (and who couldn’t use more of those?!). Some people say there’s nothing like a first kiss, but we say practice makes perfect! And if you want to bring your partner closer, both physically and emotionally, a nice long make-out session is just what you need! What if you made connecting with your partner all about kissing today? What if neither of you used it as a way to move to the next level? What if you just enjoyed the magic of your partner’s mouth on yours the way you did when things were new and exciting? Give it a try. We think you (and your partner!) will like the results. Don’t let the fire fade—show your partner just how sexy kissing can be. Then, maybe tomorrow you can move onto second base.;)

There are plenty of people who think Valentine’s Day is the end-all and be-all holiday for lovers—but at Adam & Eve Auburn, we know there’s so much more to celebrate! Put away those Hallmark cards and let the only teddy you give be crotchless and made of lace! Have some steak, get messy with cake, leave your pants in the drawer, throw a sex party (even if it’s only for two!), and make these holidate sun forgettable!

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